Uses for a paper clip

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Uses for a paper clip

How many uses can you think of a paper clip? October 23, Learning Today I read this article from PresentationZen about the following wonderfully crafted presentation from Sir Ken Robinson on the topic of education and creativity.

On it Sir Ken explained, among other ideas, the difference between creativity and divergent thinking which I found fascinating min 7: Before going any further if you have a few spare minutes imagine a paperclip and give yourself as much time as you want to come up and write down a list of all the things that you can use a paperclip for like for example bending it to make a hook.

How many uses could you come up with? If so take a look at this list to see what you might have missed: As Sir Ken mentions in the presentation the western education system is built on a rational and industrialized way that progressively forces us shut down our creativity as we go through the education ladder.

Many of us end up considering creativity the privilege of artists, musicians and a few other gifted people when it really is something that we all have.

After doing the paperclip exercise I spent some time thinking about it and I found an interesting connection between these exercises and some raja yoga exercises. In some of those yogic exercises you are asked to think about a simple object like an apple, a wall or any other simple object and write as many ideas connected to them as possible.

During that second time you will get more ideas than at the beginning and at the end you will be amazed at all the stuff that you knew about the object. It helps you to not only develop lateral thinking and creativity but to focus and gain will power.

As you get better at it the yogic exercises suggest you to move up in abstraction and focus on ideas like love, truth, strength and other qualities and by doing so gaining new insights.A paper clip can be a great directional tool if you are lost.

Simply cut part of the paper clip so you have a straight piece, rub it against steel or an iron knife to magnetize it, place it on a leaf, and place the leaf in a bowl of water. The paper clip will point in the north-south direction. If. Multiple paper clips chained together can make you a very understated paper clip necklace, or can help you hang a potted plant from the ceiling.

Don't Miss: 18 Ingenious Uses for Binder Clips; Other than having surprisingly practical uses such as letter opener or DIY money clip, paper clips are also handy for your next super-easy science project. Some other kinds of paper clip use a two-piece clamping system.

Recent innovations include multi-colored plastic-coated paper clips and spring-fastened binder clips. [citation needed] History. According to the Early Office Museum, the first patent for a bent wire paper clip was awarded in the United States to Samuel B.

Fay, in I’ve compiled a list of 40 unusual uses of paperclips. Some uses are practical, some are silly, and some are even money-saving. Some uses are practical, some are silly, and some are even money-saving. Nov 21,  · The paper clip- test has been used to identify lateral thinking ability.

Uses for a paper clip

If you’re using this as a cheat sheet to impress someone, remember to show a range of different task categories. For example, 5 ways to use a paper clip as a scratching tool, 5 ways for decoration etc.


54 Uses For Binder Clips That Will Change Your Life. Raid your office supply closet immediately. Trust me, you're gonna wanna have a .

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