Outline and critically assess the role

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Outline and critically assess the role

How to Write a Summary of an Article? Outline and assess Functionalist explanations of the role of the education system. As a theory which places heavy emphasis on the analysis of institutions and their relationship with society, especially with regards to the functions of institutions, Functionalists place a significant amount of focus on the education system.

Nevertheless, its macro theory approach puts the education system in context and is therefore a theory which is notable when discussing the role of the education system.

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Is this question part of your Assignment? But many debate topics lend themselves to a different form of debate -- the role play debate. In a role play debate, students examine different points of view or perspectives related to an issue.

As an institution of secondary socialisation, Functionalist theorists see the education system as one of the main institutions which help to achieve value consensus within society, allowing society to operate in a smooth manner.

As put forward by Durkheim, the education system helps to achieve this through the National Curriculum, brought in by the Education Reform Actwhich helps to create shared values amongst all pupils throughout the country. Furthermore, Durkheim suggests that subjects made compulsory through the National Curriculum such as History and Religious studies help to enhance cohesion and social stability, minimising conflict within society through value consensus,- keeping social order.

In this sense, Functionalism places significant emphasis upon the education system as an institution which contributes to the wellbeing of society. However, it may be that in reality value consensus does not exit, as today the diversity of society means that there is not agreement about norms and values.

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Ethnic and cultural diversity may therefore be attributed as factors which mean that the education system is not an institution which unites society, as it may not be able to change the norms and values instilled upon members of society by other forms of socialisation, such as the family or the areas of media young people are exposed to.

Critically though, these could be seen as polices which aim to stabilise the school learning environment, as opposed to society. Perhaps it could also been seen, that in terms of the relationship between education and society, that the education system cannot necessarily make up for the diversity of attitudes within society,- to what degree can the education system compensate for differences in values and shape behaviours and attitudes?Outline and assess Marxist explanations of the causes of crime (50 marks) It is to a large extent that Marxism is a useful theory in explaining the causes of crime.

Outline and critically assess the role

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Critically evaluate and apply reliable and valid pain assessment measures that examine: Pain intensity/severity (e.g., Numerical Rating Scale, Visual Analogue Scale, Brief Pain Inventory, Location, Type, including nociceptive, nociplastic, and neuropathic.

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Outline and critically assess the role
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